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Old World's Bolivar & Old World's Winston

We picked up our two beautiful boys from Old World two weeks ago and couldn't be happier! We researched for over a year before meeting with Danny and Erin and immediately felt that this was the right breeder for us. Our experience with Danny was everything it should be: from the very first he was knowledgeable, helpful, welcoming, and delighted to talk with us about his Corsos. Danny and his family welcomed us into their home and spent time introducing us to all of their wonderful Corsos. Danny has super dogs with a very consistent look and balanced temperaments. His passion is evident; he is clearly devoted to his Corsos and has a thoughtful and considered approach that we really appreciated and felt comfortable with. Being able to meet three generations of Danny's Corsos on site and getting to see and interact with them in their element was a joy, and made it so much easier to make an informed choice about our litter. The hardest part was waiting for our pups! Even in this, Danny helped by sending us lots of pictures and updates, answering all our questions and even helping my husband organise a surprise gift using pictures I hadn't seen :) Winston and Bolivar are such wonderful boys, and have exceeded all our expectations. Winston is the happiest pup I have ever encountered. He has a wonderful nature, well-balanced and so much fun. He is helping keep his little brother in line, and has us in stitches most of the time! Bolivar is a fearless, beautiful creature and has so much spirit. He's thoughful, and very intelligent. They have all the classic Corso traits, and adore being the centre of attention (which is great, as everyone who meets them falls head over heels!). They are a joy and a blessing, and we're loving every minute with them. Thank you so much Danny for bringing such wonderful boys into our life and our home. They truly are a wonderful testament to the quality of your Corsos!

Leila & Ross, Canada

I recently had a deposit down on an upcoming litter and due to a work related move (military) I was unable to purchase a pup. Old World Cane Corso was very easy to work with and quickly refunded my deposit. I had visited their kennel several times in the past and every time Danny opened up his home to us. I would recommend Old World Cane Corso to anybody wanting to purchase a Cane Corso.

-Justin, WA


My husband and I just visited Old World last weekend. We are in the market for our first Corso. Danny and his wife were so warm and welcoming opening their home for our visit. We were there about 2 hours and Danny was so happy to answer all of our questions and was so up front and honest with everything we asked. We got to meet hands on with all dogs. The dogs have free roam and get to enjoy several acres of beautiful countryside, no penned up kennel dogs here. The dogs livings conditions are surely a part of what makes up ther stable, even temperment. They are happy. His love and passion for the breed is truly exemplified in the beautiful, athletic, healthy dogs he is breeding. At the end of our visit and meeting with Danny we had made up our mind that our new puppy would be coming from Old World. We are currently awaiting our new arrival within a few months. Thanks to Danny for everything.

Mari Anne Hays, OR

Old World's Xara

Thanks for the gorgeous dog and great buyers experience. I appreciate you showing me your program. I have one of the most intelligent dogs I have ever had. Xara is almost potty trained already and has no issues with her crate. She's learned No, and sit almost instinctively. Thanks again for the amazing dog.

Stanley Zebroski, WA

old world cane corso gotti

Old World's Gotti

I picked up my Corso from Old world a couple days ago once my wife and I got back from Hawaii. I was so anxious my whole vaca just to get him. He just hit 8 weeks he's 21Lbs and is gorgeous, healthy & already listening. I will be recommending old world to my people looking for a Corso. The site the dogs are on are very clean & acres of play space which is great. The parents & grandparents were even on site & so were all of the puppies. Danny is a great guy to work with and answers any questions you have. This is how a breeder should be! 



Old World's Anarchy (Annie)

My wife and I have been researching this breed for over a year now. We were amazed a how beautiful these dogs are. So now it was time to search out a reputable breeder and there is quite a few. We were looking for a companion to help take care of our acreage with us. After numerous calls from west to east coast we found who wewhere looking for,Old World Cane CorsoDanny came highly recommended from some of the top breeders. Danny and Erin invited us to there home to meet the family, absolutely impressive, we now have a beautiful female with some of the most intellect and agility i have ever seen in a breed. These folks are showing there love for this breed In every imaginable way possible! Can't wait to get our male next year. Thank you Old World CC.

 Bill, WA

Old World's Camo

We bought our black male from Old world 2 weeks ago. Camo is wonderful addition to our family. Hes so sweet and my kids love him. I am deaf so had to communicate with Danny Via emails. Danny has alot of patience and very helpful, we exchanged countless of emails. I wouldnt hesitate to buy a pup from Danny and Erin at Old world Corso! Thanks again! 

Kris, FL

old world cane corso camo


Old World's Niko

I also recently purchased a pup from Danny about a month ago. I really appreciated Danny always returning my calls so fast and answering all my questions. Niko is growing fast and very smart. Definitely would purchase from Old World again in the future. Thanks Danny!!  

Rick, WA


Old World's Titan
Danny had my pup flown across country 2 weeks ago. I have to express what a delight it was to deal with him and his wife Erin. Communication was great, any and all questions were always answered including updates and lots of pics of the pups. I would definitely highly recommend Old World to others. My Titan is everything I was looking for in a Corso. I will purchase again from Old World when the time comes for my second addition to the family:). Thank you Danny and Erin for breeding such an amazing puppy and for all your help throughout this process. 

Jojo, NJ

Old World's Titan


Blusteel Kennels

I recommend Danny, Erin and Old World Cane Corso to any and all looking for a quality dog whether for show, breeding or just pet. Danny and I have known each other for some time and he is always doing what ever it takes to improve on his breeding program to be able to offer the best of the best. He is a great breeder, loves to visit with people so you can count on him to be available when you need him.  

Petra Edmonson, Blusteel Kennels

old world cane corso lethario


Old World's Lethario

We purchased our blue male, Lothario, from Old World about 4 weeks ago. He is amazing and so very smart and loving. I absolutely enjoyed dealing with Danny and his lovely wife Erin. They have truly made this experience very easy. We live in Washington and we were able to go and visit with all of the dogs before puppies were even born. I was so impressed that Old World was so willing to welcome us into their home to visit with the dogs and make sure that this was the right breed for us! I would recommend Old World very highly. They absolutely make sure that their breeding stock is healthy and that they have a great temperment. You can rest assured that your puppy will be healthy and a great member of your family! 

Mandie, WA


Old World's Hector and Old World's Dante

The pups are fantastic! They have quickly adapted to their new home and are incredible learners. We haven't had any overnight accidents and only a couple small ones during the day. They are very well behaved when I want them to be, but full of energy play-fighting with each other. I've been leash training them individually and have got them both out on short walks the last two days.

Hector seems to get bigger every day and is noticeably bigger than Dante now. Dante is definitely a lover not a fighter, and a total sweetheart. They make a great pair.

Overall, we couldn't be happier! Great job, and many thanks!

-Mike Mariani, CA

old world
old world

Old World's Miles

We have a pretty big family and everybody loves him! He is great with the kids he likes to wrestle with my two year old son. It's cute.

-Nicole, WA

Old World's Maximus

I just wanted to thank you. I am so impressed with our puppy!!! He is awesome! I am very impressed on how quick he is learning at such a young age. He is by far the best dog I have had at this age.

-Joseph Domingez, CA

old world

old world

Old World's Bella Notte

Old World was extremely friendly and pleasant to deal with, they bent over backwards to accomodate our needs. Great puppy, she is smart and has been easy to train. She has turned out to be a great addition to the family. In typical Cane Corso behavior she bonded with family immediately.

-Ramon and Diana Sandoval, WA

Old World's Mia

We named her Mia & she is awesome! She's the best dog that I've ever had. Mia completed her basic obedience classes & is now in advanced classes. She is very smart and learns things fast. She has fit into our family extremely well. We have 5 children (& another one on the way!) and Mia thinks that she is one of the kids. Mia has spent a lot of time on our boat this summer & loves the water. One of Mia's favorite games is to chase the water coming out of a garden hose, it's incredibly cute to watch. Mia is a beautiful looking dog as well. A few times people driving by have pulled over to say how gorgeous she is, what kind of dog is she, & where did I get her from because they want a dog like her!

-Pam, BC Canada


We got our male pup from Old World in January and couldn't be happier with our choice to get our second cane corso from Old World. Danny has been fantastic to work with and is always eager to answer all our questions, both before and after we brought our little guy home. Danny spent hours with us showing us his kennel and introducing us to his dogs. All the dogs were very impressive. Danny's love and passion for this breed is infectious! Breeding stable, even tempered dogs is clearly a priority at Old World. We have been super impressed with the temperament of our puppy. He's also very smart and has been so easy to train. We have been able to take him so many places with us because he's so chill he just adapts to any new environment we introduce him to. No one can believe he's only a few months old and behaving so well. I would highly recommend Old World to anyone looking for a beautiful cane corso with an even temperament. And many thanks to Danny (and County Sheriff and Sky!!) for such an incredible loving puppy!



First off, I would like to say thanks to Danny and Erin for their generous hospitality and patience. After we lost our last pup "Luke" at 9 years young our house felt like something was missing. We started doing research for a new puppy when we came cross the Cane Corso. We knew this breed would be our next family member. After researching though the many breeders trying to find that perfect sire, we saw Old World’s County Sheriff and we instantly fell in love. We set up a site visit with Danny. After spending time with all the dogs and observing Danny and Erin’s passion for this breed, we easily decided to get our puppy from Old World. I have been to their home many times asking questions and getting a better education from Danny about our new pup. Danny’s enthusiasm for the dogs and the breed is contagious. We now have had Rocko in our home since December and cannot believe how beautiful he is growing and how smart and lovable he is. His intelligence and ability to interact with other dogs of all sizes and breeds has made him the perfect pet for our many family adventures. Thanks again!

-Keith and Tracy

old world cane corso
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